We provide our clients with legal advice based on a thorough knowledge of the law, trends, but mainly on knowledge of their business. We tirelessly focus on what we do best and what our clients need to overcome legal and business barriers.

Labour law

We share the view of our clients that their relationships with employees are extremely important, although sometimes stressful. We navigate them through a maze of labour law related regulations, and they know that they can trust us. We are always looking for the best solution to their problems in employment relationships, but above all, we try to help them through strategic advice on the implementation of appropriate procedures for hiring employees, applying corporate policies, concluding employment contracts, or on terminating the employment. We also provide clients with internal training courses tailored to their internal circumstances and needs. Partner Jana Olach Kostrabová is a member of EELA – the European Employment Lawyers Association, which helps her keep track of foreign trends in Employment law, as well as establish and maintain contacts with experts in this field.

Medical law

We also give healthcare providers the reassurance that they can focus on their patients, and we will focus on the highly regulated and ever-changing healthcare legislation. We have a unique experience, thanks to which we represent them in various situations, from obtaining a permit, through the performance of supervision by the Health Care Supervision Authority, to disputes with patients. In the first place, however, we protect their business, success and relationship with the patient by proactively advising on setting up the processes of keeping and handling medical records, instructing the patient, or obtaining an informed consent.

Commercial law

We know that the trust of business partners, employees, or patients has an incalculable value for our clients. Any mistakes in the processing of personal data, often very sensitive ones, could disrupt, or ruin their relationship. Therefore, we provide them with constant support in matters of personal data protection according to their unique needs.

Personal data protection

Our clients know that they can contact us with any question concerning the commercial law and they will receive prompt service and accurate answers. We advise them on how to proceed in the best and most efficient way possible and we enthusiastically work with them to achieve the set goal, whether it is the establishment, sale or liquidation of a company, the conclusion of contractual relations, disputes, or debt recovery.


As it meets our needs to pass the legal knowledge and experience further, we also devote ourselves to teaching activities. We provide internal corporate training courses for our clients tailored to their needs, mainly in the field of labour law and GDPR, as well as lectures for educational institutions.

We understand that any legal actions, regardless of their complexity, always involve a certain element of risk and we inform our clients about it transparently. Only when they understand all the benefits and risks associated with the proposed procedure can they decide on the individual steps responsibly.